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Taeyeon video message + translations

“Hi! this is Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation. Did everyone see the music video of Dancing Queen? (I think she then says how their comeback was long anticipated) Please give I Got A Boy lots of love. I’m the first one out of the members you’ll be listening to and from now until the comeback, you guys will be hearing from the members one by one. Mm. and until our comeback please wait patiently and give lots of love. Thank you ~ Right now, It’s Girls’ Generation!”

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"Hello, this is SNSD's Yuri. After Taeyeon, I am the second member to be greeting you all. It's nice to see you. Have you all seen our MV for Dancing Queen that released not too long ago? I don't know if it's because we're seeing ourselves from then for the first time in a while, but memories from them starting coming back to me, it felt new and it felt unusual. And so, I came here today to teach you all how to enjoy the Dancing Queen music video 100 times more. -c-

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сабж со стажем
пурр ~_~

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